Saturday, November 5, 2011

My BOWnus

Check out my new little jewelry E-Boutique @

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Griddle Cafe

Finally I got to try Griddle Cafe in Hollywood! :) The red velvet pancake IS as good as everyone craves. Their pancakes are heavenly fluffy, yumyum. The taco dishes are juicy and tasty. But as far as the egg/omelet dishes, I'll pass on those since they're quite dry =X
We tried the golden ticket which is a banana nut pancake, red velvet pancake, nutella stuffed french toast, Charlie omelet, steak taco. I recommend all the pancakes!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sassy City Chick Fashion Bash!

Totally ecstatic for my second fashion booth! I LOVE doing these. It's like being a BUYER for a shop!! I remember attending a fashion bash in the past and it was great. Except that this event is 21 and up since they'll be serving complimentary cocktails ;) and a free tote bag. The soiree will be held at an automotive museum in Los Angeles on November 3, 2011. It's going to be incredibly fun! Although this event will be much different than my first booth (at a college campus) and they almost provide zero equipment, minus minimal lighting and possible wifi. I would have never started Adelaide Collections without my great friend, whose starting her own false eyelash brand: Adore Curiosity. The dream of having a fashion-esque online shop or an open store front was always a fun idea of mine. And now, it has came true! Whilst at the same time, I am interviewing for my dream career, I am still having fun with my childhood fantasy. Hopefully, I can at least break even with my mini-fiasco! :) until then...

Comment me for a free ticket code to the event!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

AdelaideCollections: Tribal/Feather/Victorian accessories

30% off entire purchase
Code: Halloween2011 (please read announcement)
Expires 10/26/2011 11:59pm PST

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Featherina, Los Angeles CA

Introducing Featherina, LA! I'm uberly excited; this Wednesday, I will be holding a vendor booth at UCSD selling feather accessories. Trend magazine, a campus fashion magazine that me and a few other colleagues founded in 2009, has been holding shopping soirée launch parties for each newly released issue. Now that I am no longer a UCSD student, I'm ecstatic to see how the Fall '11 issue turned out. The new team has done a great job on new collaborations and fundraising so far!
Until Wednesday, check out Featherina & Adore Curiosity @ UCSD Porter's Pub, 7:30-10pm.


Happy Birthday Macarons Card

Inspired by a birthday card that my dear friend drew for me and my love for macs... I decided to draw one for my little sister's 18th birthday! Starting her first year of college at UCSB, I hope she will hang the lovely picture frame of us I got her. Hooray for macarons & birthday celebrations! My dream birthday cake...would be a macaron tier. Lalala

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Missoni 4 Target

It's coming near! Another designer collaboration with Target debuts sept 13 2011. I can't wait see what's in stores! Will this be another SOLD OUT designer at Target like Alexander McQ?

La Ferme Julien Rose review

I paired this bottle of rose with a spiced mushroom marinara spaghetti for dinner. I had 2 glasses of it....and I was drunk. -.-

1) it is DRINKABLE, with 2+ people
2) 13.5% alcohol content
3) tannins were quite distinct I must say. But it finishes nicely, in that the blech taste doesn't linger
4) somewhat burns when swallowed
5) doesn't NOT give pounding headaches hours later (yay!)

Verdict: will not purchase again. My search for a good Rose continues...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Collection of Trader Joe Wines!

Hello world! Sorry I've been MIA due to studying time. Recently, I've been watching re-runs of "Take Home Chef" and it got me all tangled in pairing wine with my dinners. Four new wine purchases were made for testing:
Cocobon red $6.99
Joseph Handler sweet red $4.99
La ferme julien rose $4.99
Espiral vinho verde $3.99

My favorite (affordable) wine is Sara Bee for $5.99, which is why I bought 2. All my friends know I am not a wine connoisseur. My taste in wine is sweet, almost like juice! My previous star was Michele Chiarlo Nivoli, ~$16/half bottle; also extremely sweet. It was definitely a table pleaser amongst my friends, but totally a ding to my wallet. Sara Bee is perfect in terms of price and sweetness. I paired it with salted apples and it was delicious!

I'll provide my feedback on the new wines I got, later.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sur La Table Macaron class!

Yay! The SLT Mac class was great! This course provided each person with a small packet (i honestly haven't had a chance to rummage through it) that comes with macaron piping patterns, which were quite helpful! The class was separated into groups and each group had a designated flavor. At the end, we all shared the various flavored goodies! My cousin and I made the cassis (black currant) cookie with blueberry jam cream filling. That was my favorite flavor! I finally learned the proper technique of macronnage and that the resting period should be no more than 15 minutes! Also, a particular water-based GEL food coloring must be used when making macarons, or else, you'll ruin them with an oil-base or excessively watery dye! Making macarons are somewhat similar to Organic/chemistry labs -.- must be anal with the techniques AND ingredient amounts! I am really considering to make a laboratory notebook for all my macaron attempts at home. I cannot wait until I can steal some time to try my next batch >.< teehee

I have loads more photos coming soon!

Friday, August 12, 2011


I just LOVE Lauren Conrad's style. Always elegant and chic, yet totally simple. She is hardly busy-busy nor all-over-the-place shabby looking. I will definitely wear all the outfits below. Especially the center maxi dress outfit! Flawless!


I enjoy hosting intimate get-togethers. So I've been searching for the perfect 3-tiered server. I always had in mind that serving ware should be silver. Due to the steep price of this elegant skyscraper, $75, I have searched for alternatives. I was just about to settle for the ceramic-esc server from Target sold at $29.99 (currently on sale for $19.99), until I saw some similar silver servers at my cousin's housewarming. They were gorgeous! And look a gazillion timed better in silver vs ceramic off-white. My heart is shouting, "it's definitely worthy!" But my wallet is gasping for air. When I get my hands on a laptop, I must make a poll per this decision! *sparkling eyes*

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Best ice cream scooper

Sur La Table recently sent me a complimentary $10 certificate. I'm supposing it's because we're like neighbors! Of course $10 is just the beginning -.- I've been looking for something to get from the kitchen gem. I decided to get a proper ice cream scoop! Apparently, Zeroll scoops are legendary. Known as the best and only ice cream scoop you'll ever need in your lifetime! And so, what they claim is true! It cut through my ice cream like a Wustof blade. Prettily rolled into cute parlor balls and easily rolled right off into the cup.

The Talenti Italian gelato is from Henry's, on sale @ 2/$6! Delish!

Verdict, the Zeroll was a happy buy! Great Lifetime investment (hah)

"Fight for the Red Soled Shoes!"

There is a lawsuit agains YSL for the design of their new shoe, Trib Too Pump, sold at $795 in NYC. Everyone knows when you see a fashionista galloping in a pair of red soled pumps, you'd stare in awe, "Omg, those are beautiful Loubies!" Christian Louboutin is fighting for his TM since YSL made a pair with the same color, texture, print and colored soles. CL has a similar pair on the market, Louboutin Bambou pump, also sold at $795 in NYC. This case seems tough since the court is leaning towards "colour monopoly". But shouldn't CL have rights to his red soles TM?

Donuts & a Cigar for your thoughts

This past weekend I enjoyed a lovely meal at Alchemy in San Diego. A New American restaurant. I had the sea bass, cooked to perfection. Moist with a well honey fired flavored crust. Paired with a bottle of Rose and finished with this delightful mixture of donuts (heaven), mocha creme brûlée and a cigar. Bona-petite!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sexy Tuxedo Booties

Okay, so I know we are far from fall season. But I totally fell in LOVE with these satin velvet booties. They are Marciano by Guess, sold at a bargain of $79.90! Hmm...perhaps not quite a bargain, but they are simple and simultaneously unique. I went to Nordstrom Rack in Mission Valley, San Diego, with intentions to only purchase shower sponges. My older brother and I always use their sponges cause they're so dense and voluminous. Of course, one thing lead to another, I became lost in the shoe department. Aren't they gorgeous? And sexy? I can imagine myself donning them with a pair of skinny jeans or slacks, satiny ruffled bib top and a chic leather jacket. Thank god my friend was there to convince me it wasn't a good idea. In the end, I didn't take those babies home. I'm having horrible feelings as if I just left my 4 year-old child at Nordstrom Rack. Hehe, silly!

I really love the little shopping area in Mission Valley, where they lump all the discounted designer stores together. For instance, Loehmann's, Nordy Rack, and OFF Saks Fifth Avenue. I use to come here all the time before I began university. Now that I am done with college, Marshalls and TJ Maxx seems more practical, and I love those shops even more! I recently just got a off-white rosette chiffon top from Marshalls, which I am saving for my next romantic dinner date ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Over-the-Door Jewelry Armoire

My little sister keeps babbling on and on about this over-the-door jewelry armoire. And check it out, it's actually pretty darn amazing! I swear, between me and her, we have a room full of "jewelry trees", mannequin jewelry racks, necklace stands, bracelet dishes, earring sheet, ring cups. We both have a crazy jewelry jungle area, most items we can't even access due to being radically tangled! You may have seen this armoire on As Seen on TV (lol). Even though many products that show up on infomercials are typically unnecessary, this is an exception. The armoire can carry all kinds of jewelry, especially long necklaces. Best of all, it conceals clutter; and being OTD definitely saves room. What's holding me back is that the price tag is quite steep, about $110 on Maybe until I land a career, I'll fork over the cash for such a pricey organiser... Would you?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

11-pc Cosmetic Brush Set

Hooray! Costco finally has the Borghese cosmetic brushes back in stock. I've been using my Laura Mercier travel brush set for the past 2 years. They're still great but every gal needs a full size set. Each brush is either made of natural or synthetic bristles, depending on the usage. Certain brushes work better as synthetic bristles for those requiring more precision; such as for concealing or brow and eye liner brushes. All bristles are made from premium quality. One major dislike about this set is that there is no space in the carrier for the kabuki brush! How odd is that. However, they are nonetheless beautiful tools priced at only $23.99 for the entire set! Costco doesn't always have these in stock so you better go snag a set!

Sur La Table Macaron class

Oh boy! I'm totally excited for my first macaron class. I've made tons of batches of macaron but only a few have came out right. I can't wait to finally perfeckt the art of baking with almond flour. My cousin is joining me for the class on August 20. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring scarves

This past weekend end, I attended the Ann Taylor LOFT spring launch sale.  It was great, there was complimentary fizz and water bottles, and....30% off all new spring styles!  I got myself two new dresses and a lovely scarf.  I think I'm in love.  I never realized how comfy LOFT scarves were.  100% polyester fine woven threads, creating a soft, airy and puffy neckwear.  It is perfect for spring!  The colors are classy and feminine.  It is also very wide, which means it can be worn as a shawl.  You can also wear it as a head band since its soft and airy.  Pictures coming up right after finals! xoxo

Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoe Obsessed.

I can't remember the last time I've been shoe obsessed.  I've tried to avoid shopping much since I've been in San Diego, simply because there should be NO TIME to fathom of such things.  The inner truth is craving to peek out.  Recently, I have gotten 2 pairs of high rise platform wooties (wedge booties) from Michael Antonio.  To my surprise, they are HEAVENLY comfortable!  Let's just say, I could probably wear them shopping all day!  I adopted Gerin and Gala.  Next, I finally conquered a pair of NUDEY'S!!  Although, I cannot boast they are "amazingly comfy", but they look amazingly AMAZING.  hah!  Charles David Pure Platinum in beige leather, super sexy chic!  So, I've been thinking a lot this weekend about Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik.  I still have yet to covet a pair of Manolos.  Louboutins seem to have taken over my taste in shoes ever since I bought my very first pair, Very Noued.  To my regret, at the time I was quite premature to incredibly precious SHOES, I did not have such a keen eye to judge my correct shoe size.  Indeed, I am a size  US6.5.  But I should have known back then,  I was a EURO37.  My Very Noued's are 36.5.  I have forgotten how fabulously comfortable they are, except that they are a TAD small.  I was hoping I could say "the leather will stretch".  However, I doubt satin does.  Nonetheless, I'm so glad I brought them out the closet to have a shoe party in my living room to remind me how utterly comfortable they actually are! (I swear, the last time I wore them, I couldn't even balance!)  I was inspired by Lauren Conrad when I purchased these, 2008 (also got the shiny leggings from American Apparel).  All my beautiful foot holders shall be stowed away in my closet for now.  Oh how I miss Los Angeles County...