Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sexy Tuxedo Booties

Okay, so I know we are far from fall season. But I totally fell in LOVE with these satin velvet booties. They are Marciano by Guess, sold at a bargain of $79.90! Hmm...perhaps not quite a bargain, but they are simple and simultaneously unique. I went to Nordstrom Rack in Mission Valley, San Diego, with intentions to only purchase shower sponges. My older brother and I always use their sponges cause they're so dense and voluminous. Of course, one thing lead to another, I became lost in the shoe department. Aren't they gorgeous? And sexy? I can imagine myself donning them with a pair of skinny jeans or slacks, satiny ruffled bib top and a chic leather jacket. Thank god my friend was there to convince me it wasn't a good idea. In the end, I didn't take those babies home. I'm having horrible feelings as if I just left my 4 year-old child at Nordstrom Rack. Hehe, silly!

I really love the little shopping area in Mission Valley, where they lump all the discounted designer stores together. For instance, Loehmann's, Nordy Rack, and OFF Saks Fifth Avenue. I use to come here all the time before I began university. Now that I am done with college, Marshalls and TJ Maxx seems more practical, and I love those shops even more! I recently just got a off-white rosette chiffon top from Marshalls, which I am saving for my next romantic dinner date ;)

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