Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sur La Table Macaron class!

Yay! The SLT Mac class was great! This course provided each person with a small packet (i honestly haven't had a chance to rummage through it) that comes with macaron piping patterns, which were quite helpful! The class was separated into groups and each group had a designated flavor. At the end, we all shared the various flavored goodies! My cousin and I made the cassis (black currant) cookie with blueberry jam cream filling. That was my favorite flavor! I finally learned the proper technique of macronnage and that the resting period should be no more than 15 minutes! Also, a particular water-based GEL food coloring must be used when making macarons, or else, you'll ruin them with an oil-base or excessively watery dye! Making macarons are somewhat similar to Organic/chemistry labs -.- must be anal with the techniques AND ingredient amounts! I am really considering to make a laboratory notebook for all my macaron attempts at home. I cannot wait until I can steal some time to try my next batch >.< teehee

I have loads more photos coming soon!

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