Saturday, August 6, 2011

11-pc Cosmetic Brush Set

Hooray! Costco finally has the Borghese cosmetic brushes back in stock. I've been using my Laura Mercier travel brush set for the past 2 years. They're still great but every gal needs a full size set. Each brush is either made of natural or synthetic bristles, depending on the usage. Certain brushes work better as synthetic bristles for those requiring more precision; such as for concealing or brow and eye liner brushes. All bristles are made from premium quality. One major dislike about this set is that there is no space in the carrier for the kabuki brush! How odd is that. However, they are nonetheless beautiful tools priced at only $23.99 for the entire set! Costco doesn't always have these in stock so you better go snag a set!

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  1. hahaha yay! You should continue blogging!! You have such nice things and interesting hobbies (macaron creation!!)

    btw, he told me about your new bag =P... SO JEALOUS!! such a lucky lucky girl!! :D