Monday, August 8, 2011

Over-the-Door Jewelry Armoire

My little sister keeps babbling on and on about this over-the-door jewelry armoire. And check it out, it's actually pretty darn amazing! I swear, between me and her, we have a room full of "jewelry trees", mannequin jewelry racks, necklace stands, bracelet dishes, earring sheet, ring cups. We both have a crazy jewelry jungle area, most items we can't even access due to being radically tangled! You may have seen this armoire on As Seen on TV (lol). Even though many products that show up on infomercials are typically unnecessary, this is an exception. The armoire can carry all kinds of jewelry, especially long necklaces. Best of all, it conceals clutter; and being OTD definitely saves room. What's holding me back is that the price tag is quite steep, about $110 on Maybe until I land a career, I'll fork over the cash for such a pricey organiser... Would you?

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