Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Missoni 4 Target

It's coming near! Another designer collaboration with Target debuts sept 13 2011. I can't wait see what's in stores! Will this be another SOLD OUT designer at Target like Alexander McQ?

La Ferme Julien Rose review

I paired this bottle of rose with a spiced mushroom marinara spaghetti for dinner. I had 2 glasses of it....and I was drunk. -.-

1) it is DRINKABLE, with 2+ people
2) 13.5% alcohol content
3) tannins were quite distinct I must say. But it finishes nicely, in that the blech taste doesn't linger
4) somewhat burns when swallowed
5) doesn't NOT give pounding headaches hours later (yay!)

Verdict: will not purchase again. My search for a good Rose continues...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Collection of Trader Joe Wines!

Hello world! Sorry I've been MIA due to studying time. Recently, I've been watching re-runs of "Take Home Chef" and it got me all tangled in pairing wine with my dinners. Four new wine purchases were made for testing:
Cocobon red $6.99
Joseph Handler sweet red $4.99
La ferme julien rose $4.99
Espiral vinho verde $3.99

My favorite (affordable) wine is Sara Bee for $5.99, which is why I bought 2. All my friends know I am not a wine connoisseur. My taste in wine is sweet, almost like juice! My previous star was Michele Chiarlo Nivoli, ~$16/half bottle; also extremely sweet. It was definitely a table pleaser amongst my friends, but totally a ding to my wallet. Sara Bee is perfect in terms of price and sweetness. I paired it with salted apples and it was delicious!

I'll provide my feedback on the new wines I got, later.